1. When anybody comes out and tells you they’re asexual, please believe them. Being told that you just haven’t found the right person, or that things will change in a few years is just as bad as telling someone who’s gay that’s it’s only a phase.

    Asexuality is just as real as homosexuality. It’s just as real as heterosexuality. It’s real just like being bi, or pan. Asexuality is not abstinence. It’s a lack of sexual attraction or desire.

    You can still have a healthy, romantic, relationship with a person without sex being involved. 

    I am a proud asexual and everything in this comic has been said to me. Other asexuals have had it worse than me. They’ve been told worse things, been asked worse questions and some think there’s something wrong with them because they don’t want to have sex. This lovely lady did a post on A standing for Asexual and not Ally, and it describes what I mean by worse excruciatingly well.

    So please, believe a person when they tell you their asexual, because it’s very real and not something to be ignored.

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